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When Mary buys a pregnancy test in a future timeline where unlawful reproduction is a crime, she steps into a world she never dreamt existed, where things happen that make her question the fabric of reality, drawing herself and her family into an interstellar conspiracy involving the very survival of mankind.

In our world, we have yet to realize the dangers of overpopulation. Historically, only one country has ever created laws to limit the number of children families are allowed to have. What would happen if everyone on Earth had to submit to an authority that did? Mary Curtis and her family are caught up in the gears of this machinery after her father, who works for this ‘company’, discovers evidence of shady goings-on within its walls. An attempt is made on his life, which sends him into hiding as he works to discover what lies behind the story given to the public. Things get even stranger when Mary’s mother and brother are kidnapped and taken to an odd building, which seems impossible to escape. As they delve deeper into the mystery of the building, two impossible allies join their quest, with surprising results.

My Story

I come from a large mixed crazy family consisting of biological and adoptive components. There was never a lot of money or love to go around, instilling in me a need for security. Thus, when it came time to choose a profession, I, imminently practical, chose a mix of art and science. As a mechanical drafter, my attention to detail and creative eye took me straight to the top of my field. But after raising my children, I found myself with time and a drive I couldn't explain or escape. I began writing a story, only barely able to keep up with the pace as it flew from my fingers and onto the screen. My characters took on a life of their own and carried the story to places outside of my outline.

I now write from home with no safety net at all. No job. No security beyond that of other, albeit wonderful, people. It is thrilling and frightening, busy at times and lonely at others but I am living my dream and growing and learning every day.

I have learned a lot during the publication process and from author websites and newsletters and online classes, not to mention the editing process in publishing the few short stories I could interest an editor in. I intend to continue absorbing as much knowledge I can as I continue to write. I am currently working on book two, a story completely different from the one I just published, but I do have an outline and beginning draft for a continuation of Procreation. 

My Books




My Books

by Cindy Eason

I was sucked in from the get-go! The imagery, character development, and drama are tempered with just the right amount of humor. The way Salser weaves this insanely complex yet totally relatable saga is just perfect. You will be thinking about this story and the characters long after you have finished this book!

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